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Once upon a time there lived a girl called Little Miss Mary Anne. For her eleventh birthday, she received many gifts from family and friends. Toys and books and jewelery galore. However, Mary Anne was not easily amused,… she became bored of her gifts very quickly.

Later on that night while she was getting ready to go to bed, she realized that she forgot to open up one last gift. The card said it was from a secret admirer… She opened it up to discover a beautiful life sized doll with pretty long eyelashes and little bows her hair. Mary Anne decided to name her new friend Petite Pandora. She brushed her hair and dressed her up and twisted her around like a pretzel. Little did she know that this was not just any doll,… this doll had very special powers.

When Mary Anne went to sleep and softly slipped into her dreams, the doll´s secrets were revealed. Petite Pandora sent Little Miss Mary Anne on a wild journey through the world of children´s genres.


[ Sucre à la Crème is the Cookie Monster – photo by Alex Kamino ]

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