BBC Sci-Fi Show


ghoS Daq vam cha’ joq maH DIchDaq tlhap lIj puqpu’

For those of you who do not speak Klingon (feeble minded earthlings), that says “Come to this show or we will abduct your children.” If you do not have children, we will make a note of it for your future offspring.

This show tells the story of an alien that comes to Earth to abduct a pretty high school girl as as her human slave. The audience encounters several characters on the way, through acts that such as contortion with operatic accompaniment, fire hooping, and a full blown astronaut strip. Alas, the slave escapes and returns home, only to realize that she has fallen in love with her abductee. The alien, unable to live without her human soul mate, comes back to reunite with her through a touching performance (can you hear the wedding bells?).


Nightlife covers the BBC Science Fiction show

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