The Blood Ballet Cabaret (BBC) is a show that will titillate and showcase sinful decadence at its best. The salacious Ms. Bloody Mary Anne (Kamee Abrahamian) leads a family of dysfunctional yet lovable burlesque, circus, and musical performers dedicated to pushing boundaries on and off the stage. The interactive approach and intimate setting draws an audience as diverse as the performances themselves. With circus acts ranging from aerial contortion to fire hooping, the BBC is a constantly evolving organism which feeds a healthy dose of adrenaline to those who are craving some extra spice in their nocturnal ventures. The show boasts a bevy of empowered, creative women who excude confidence and sensuality through burlesque performance, connecting with the crowd regardless of age, gender, and sexuality. By the end of a Blood Ballet experience, the room is humming with an erotic energy that is sure to fuel the rest of your evening.


The concept for the BBC first came about in May 2010 after a debaucherous evening of drinking and dancing. Feeling that Kamee had a natural affinity for performance and dance, a close friend suggested that they collaborate on a burlesque show. Together they came up with the Blood Ballet Cabaret and quickly rounded up a crew for their first gig. Taking place on one of the first hot nights that summer, Kamee was reborn as Ms. Bloody Mary Anne on the stage of Montreal’s finest dive bar (Barfly). The response was great and with the support of friends and local patrons, word spread fast. A second show was booked soon thereafter, which doubled the attendance of the previous show. The crowd demanded more and the BBC began to take on a life of its own, prompting interesting opportunities for the show to thrive. After some changes to the format of the show and with Kamee now solely spearheading the production, the Blood Ballet Cabaret was able to find a home at the Belmont where it held a monthly residence for over a year. This led to several touring opportunities for both Kamee and her troop. The BBC has now become nomadic and will be on tour indefinitely.


[ The Blood Ballet Cabaret pops its cherry – Barfly | May 2010 ]



• Infringement Festival at Barfly [4062 St. Laurent Blvd, Montreal]: June 27th 2010

• Trois Minots [3812 St. Laurent Blvd, Montreal]: July 9th 2010

• Autumn Show at the Belmont [4483 St. Laurent Blvd, Montreal]: Sept. 25th 2010

• Twenty-fifth Anniversary at the Belmont: November 11th 2010

• Burlesquarade [104 West 46th Street, New York City]: November 13th 2010

• Holiday Show at the Belmont: December 19th 2010

• Sci-Fi Show at the Belmont: January 27th 2011

• Ms. Bloody Mary Anne visits Japan! [Tokyo, Japan]: January 2011 (Club Heavy Sick, Pink Cow, and Trump Room)

• Oscars Show at the Belmont: February 27th 2011

• Dali Show in Panama City [Panama]: March 2011

• Children’s Show for Adults at the Belmont: April 3rd 2011

• Naughtical Show at the Belmont: May 1st 2011

• Blood Ballet at the Frigate [Nova Scotia]: May 1st 2011

• Season Finale Show at the Belmont: June 5th 2011

• Carmen Sandiego Show at the Belmont: September 25th 2011

• Devil’s Sunday at the Belmont: October 30th 2011

• Burlesquarade [104 West 46th Street, New York City]: November 12th 2011

• US Tour [Boston, Maryland, Manhattan, Brooklyn]: December 6th to 9th 2011

• Musical Show at the Belmont: April 22nd, 2012

• Jusque Pour Rire Festival presents The BBC: July, 2012

• Illuminatease Tours the East Coast: January 2013


Guest Performers & Special Thanks:

Jared Lawee (stage hand)

Brooke Walsh (Belmont crew)

Celia Spenard Ko (photography)

Forget the Box (media, photography)

Véronique Roch-Lefebvre (photography)

Julian Michael of IHOOPU (Hoops, acrobatics)

Jordan Rusk (Fire)

Seska Lee (ACME burlesque)

Catherine Desjardins-Béland (Pole, acrobatics, hoops)

Crimson Kitty [NYC] (Burlesque)

Noveltease Cabaret [Halifax] (Burlesque)

St. Stella [Toronto] (Burlesque)

Telah Quemere [NYC] (Hoops)

Rogue Burlesque [Boston] (Burlesque)

Mavi Clay [Washington] (Sword balancing, fire fans)

Helena Coy [Washington] (Burlesque)

Joseph Turian [NYC] (Hosting)

MSTRSSTR (performance)

Captain Hard-Bargains & Co. (Comedy, hosting)

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