The Naughtical Show


A show inspired by a rainy Montreal season, the BBC decided to create a show that would give us a chance to dry off our cold wet socks. Just imagine ditching that heavy coat and letting the hot sun kiss your cheeks, sticking your toes into warm sand, letting the seagulls pick at your poutine while you sip on a cold cocktail. Can’t afford a vacation? Lucky enough, Miss Blood Mary Anne has a tempting offer for you. Let the Blood Ballet Cabaret bring the ocean to you at the Nautical themed show. Join us on a journey across and deep into the ocean with performances by sailors and sea creatures of all kinds.


[ Petite Pandora as a ‘crab’ in a floor and aerial chain contortion act – photo by Alex Kamino ]

Fun Fact: The Blood Ballet Cabaret took this show out east to Halifax after its first presentation in Montreal.

Nightlife covers the ‘Naughtical’ show

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